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Ophthalmology Central Intake



Eye Care News Alert:


Optometrists in Ontario are pursuing job action and have withdrawn previously insured eye exams/services to those under 18, over 65, and people with specific health conditions (such as diabetes).  This was effective Sept 1, 2021, and we have no indication of when this may be resolved.  It is not possible to pay directly or have 3rd party insurance cover these OHIP eligible services.  The Ontario Association of Optometrists is in communication with local optometrists and releases their updates for continued job action on Thursdays of each week.


For further information on this job action, please see The College of Optometrists of Ontario.


Please contact your family doctor/healthcare provider if you require eye care so a referral can be sent.  Eye care services continue to be provided by ophthalmologists.  


For cataract referrals, physicians and nurse practitioners may refer to Waterloo-Wellington Cataract Central Intake.  For diabetes retinal exams, referrals can continue to be directed to Waterloo-Wellington Diabetes Central Intake.





This program provides a central location for health care providers to send referrals to an opthalmologist for a cataract surgical consult. Referrals are reviewed for completeness and sent to the appropriate specialist. Wait times are monitored to ensure people are being seen in a timely manner.


For urgent referrals, please follow standard procedures or contact the Hospital "on-call" Ophthalmologist for direction.


As a health care provider, to send an eReferral through the regional, online system, click here


Or, fax a copy of the standardized regional form to 519-621-0059 (local fax) or 1-833-583-2484 (toll-free fax)


For more information on central intake ophthalmologic services for cataract surgeries, please call 519-947-1000 option 5 or toll free 1-844-204-9088


Please email [email protected] for more info on how to get your clinic onboarded to Ocean to submit cataract and other ophthalmology service referrals.



Diabetic Retinopathy

Our Diabetes Central Intake offers a central location for health care providers to send referrals to an ophthalmologist for screening or management of diabetic retinopathy.


As a health care provider, to send a referral either electronically or by fax, click here


For more information on diabetes central intake, please call 519-947-1000 option 2 or toll free 1-844-204-9088.