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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I send a referral?

Complete all sections and electronically submit, fax or mail the referral form. For referrals to specialists, the referral form must be completed and signed by a physician or nurse practitioner and include their billing number.


To send a referral for Diabetes, click here


To send a referral for Orthopedics, click here



What is a wait time?

A wait time is the amount of time that you can expect to wait between the time you were referred and the time you receive an appointment.



How are wait times determined?

Diabetes:  A Certified Diabetes Educator triages each referral to determine and assign an urgency based on the regional standards and on the information provided on the referral. Wait times are calculated from the date the referral is received to the date of the appointment.


Orthopedics: An orthopedic surgeon reviews each referral to assign a priority.  Wait time 1 is measured from the date the referral is received to the date of the first consult.   Wait time 2 is measured from the date the surgery is booked to the surgery date. 



When can I expect to hear back about my appointment?

Diabetes: You will hear from the diabetes program within several business days to book an appointment.   It may take longer to hear from a specialists’ office.  If you have not heard from the program, you can call Central Intake at 519-947-1000 ext. 372 for more information.


Orthopedics: A surgeon will review your referral and assign a priority to outline how soon you will be seen. This information is communicated back to your primary care physician or nurse practitioner, who will notify you.  If you need an update on your referral, you can call Central Intake at 519-947-1000, option 3, for more information.


What is System Coordinated Access?

System Coordinated Access is a region-wide strategy to improve the health of residents to ensure they receive the right care, at the right time. This strategy is being led by the eHealth Centre of Excellence.   The Regional Coordination Centre (RCC) is one program that is part of the overall strategy providing central intake for diabetes, orthopedics and self-management programs.



How is the Regional Coordination Centre (RCC) connected to Langs?

Langs Community Health Centre is the host organization for the RCC. The RCC is a regional program funded by the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). 



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